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Attention Deficit Disorder Specialist

Seven Corners Medical Center

Internal Medicine & Primary Care Practice located in Falls Church, VA

If it’s increasingly difficult for you to stay organized and on-task at work or school, you may have attention-deficit disorder. George Sopko, MD, MPH, and Anu George, MD, offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluation services for attention-deficit disorder at Seven Corners Medical Center in Falls Church, Virginia. Whether you need medication or a referral for behavioral therapy, Dr. George and Dr. Sopko customize your treatment to improve your quality of life and help you stay in control of your ADD symptoms. Schedule a consultation for an attention-deficit disorder evaluation online or by calling the office today.

Attention Deficit Disorder Q & A

What is attention-deficit disorder?

Attention-deficit disorder (ADD) is a neurological condition that makes it difficult for you to concentrate and stay focused on tasks.

While common in children, ADD can also affect adults. The condition can interfere with your quality of life and can disrupt your performance at work, school, and home.

There’s no clear understanding of what causes ADD, but your risk for the condition may increase due to underlying neurological dysfunction or if you have a family history of ADD.

What are the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder?

There are a number of symptoms that can indicate you have attention-deficit disorder. You may have ADD if you’re:

  • Easily distracted
  • Unable to stay focused
  • Chronically disorganized
  • Not able to follow directions
  • Prone to making careless mistakes

As a result of your difficulties staying on task, you may also struggle with symptoms of anxiety or depression.

How is attention-deficit disorder diagnosed?

To determine if your symptoms are related to attention-deficit disorder, Dr. George or Dr. Sopko performs a physical exam to check your overall health. They also discuss your personal and family medical history to rule out other possible conditions that may affect your concentration.

Using specific diagnostic questions about your patterns of behavior, your doctor can better understand your symptoms. They may also request interviews with other family members and teachers to learn more about your behaviors.

How is attention-deficit disorder treated?

While there’s no cure for attention-deficit disorder, Dr. Sopko and Dr. George offer comprehensive care to help you manage your behaviors more effectively.

For some patients, medications can be effective. These medications affect the way your brain works and can reduce the severity of your symptoms.

In addition to medication, you may also benefit from behavioral therapy which teaches you the strategies you need to stay on track at home, work, or school. Dr. George and Dr. Sopko offer referrals to professional therapists to ensure you receive the support you need to live well with ADD.

If you have concerns about your child’s behavior or your own behavioral issues, schedule an evaluation for attention-deficit disorder today by calling Seven Corners Medical Center or by requesting an appointment online.